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The Entrepreneur's Widow​
Because You Love Me, Book Three

Workplace romance is too taboo for CEO John Donovan...until he meets Mariah.

After giving birth, Mariah lands a job working as a personal assistant for the CEO of an electronics company. In no time, she proves her worth, and her boss, John Donovan Jr., offers her an advancement opportunity most women would kill for. The only problem? She absolutely hates him.


John Donovan Jr. Has had every aspect of his life mapped out since birth. A stint in boarding school, an Ivy League degree, and years of private tutoring culminated in him inheriting the company built by his father. As the CEO of electronics giant E², his life is about one thing--keeping his late father's company competitive. Only after Mariah Jones walks into his life does he realize everything he's been missing. With conflicting needs warring inside him, John faces a serious problem. He is in love with a woman who is off limits. A woman who works for his company. An epic internal battle culminates in John doing the one thing he knows he shouldn't, and the fallout shakes the very foundation of his business and his life. All seems lost until an unexpected second chance at love gives him a reason to hope.

The Prostitute's Daughter​
Because You Love Me, Book Two

Will love be the light that frees Cece Graves from the darkness of her past?

Cece Graves has been running from her past for 27 years, but a deadly fire and a mysterious stalker set her past on a collision course with her future. She tries to ignore the danger and focus on expanding her cake business, but darkness closes in on her life. In her greatest time of need, only one man can convince her to face her past. Her resistance to love slowly wears away in the face of his steady friendship. As their relationship blossoms, her greatest fear is that his love for her will not survive the inferno. 

Shane Gregory has fallen hard for the one woman he knows he can never have. Common sense is against him, but he makes a play for her heart despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles before him. He has dealt with enough heartache and tragedy in his own life to be one of the few people who understands her pain. Her fierce independence is one of the things he admires most about her, but he longs for the chance to prove to her that love doesn't have to be painful.

The Officer's Wife​
Because You Love Me, Book One


Rebecca Graves faces the biggest challenge of her young life--learning her place in the world while falling in love with a soldier.

Rebecca Graves tries to make sense of her harsh work environment and embrace the role of counselor to some of the most troubled teenage girls in the country. Rebecca isn’t the type of person who can settle into position as a mediocre cog in a machine. She knows she can do more with her life, and she sets out to prove it. During this journey of self-discovery, she learns a great deal, including the dark secret that has shadowed her relationship with her mother for most of her life. She refuses to let this powerful secret shatter her world, but can she handle all of the challenges that soon come her way? 

Norman Gregory’s beautiful but vicious ex-wife almost shattered his faith in women. He spends his days serving as a Major in the Army and his nights as a lonely single parent until he comes across Rebecca. On one of his isolated early morning runs, their paths cross and their destinies entwine in a story of love, friendship, courage, strength, and forgiveness.

Reunion, Book One

How far will he go for love? 

Lilah Johnson returns to her hometown with a chip on her shoulder and resentment in her heart. A decade after graduation, she is forced to interact with the very people she disliked most in high school--the popular crowd. During their ten year reunion, a scorching encounter with her former nemesis awakens feelings she did not know she was capable of. She is determined to leave town with her heart intact, but she may not be able to resist his charm. 

Diego Gonzales is a small business owner who is used to getting what he wants, especially when it comes to women. When the girl of his dreams returns to town for their high school reunion, his long buried feelings for her roar back to life like a raging inferno. The only problem...she hates him. Can he redeem himself before it is too late?

The Day Before Eclosion

Sharon's only daughter, Gracie, is ready to move out on her own. What should be an exciting transition is complicated by Gracie's disability. Can Sharon learn to accept Gracie's newfound need for autonomy before irreparable damage is done to their relationship? The Day Before Eclosion is the story of a mother's struggle to respect her daughter's need for independence at the most crucial time of her young life.

The Second Chance

While on a romantic weekend getaway with his current girlfriend, Matthew Wiley runs into his ex-girlfriend Anna, the love of his life. He can't resist the urge to confront the issues that drove them apart years ago, but he has less than two days to convince her to give them a second chance at love and trust.

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