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While on a romantic weekend getaway with his current girlfriend, Matthew Wiley runs into his ex-girlfriend Anna, the love of his life. He can't resist the urge to confront the issues that drove them apart years ago, but he has less than two days to convince her to give them a second chance at love and trust.


John is a hard working single father who let his first marriage slip away as he built an impressive career. Now, as he and his daughter spend their first Christmas together in years, he is determined to be a better father. After a fateful flight cancellation and a blizzard, he suddenly finds himself face to face with the perfect person to help him realize just how vital love and family can be to a lonely, overworked soul like his...


Viri is on a mission to make her estranged husband, James McBride, sign divorce papers. After letting it slide for years, she finally decides to press the issue, but unexpected trouble rears it's head. A chance encounter with someone from the past helps Viri in ways she never imagined she needed.

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