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My Best Friend's Wife Series 

When unspeakable tragedy strikes, Max is the only person capable of giving Andie the support she needs to get through it. Andie suddenly finds herself broken and alone, and Max's hand is her only lifeline as darkness takes over her entire life. Gone are her career aspirations, her desire to start a family, and even her husband. Her Darkest Day tells the story of how Max's unwavering love and friendship inspire the return of Andie's will to live. The only question is, will their unspoken love for each other turn into something real and lasting?

In this flashback book, the story of how Andie, Max, and Derek met and became friends is told. Andie is a struggling waitress, living in the same neighborhood as a young, streetwise Max. Max is an aspiring MMA fighter who also does freelance website development to earn extra money. When a chance encounter with Andie rocks his world, he is inspired to make the changes that redefine his life and set him on the path to being the wildly successful businessman his is in Book One (Her Darkest Day). Fireworks fly from the beginning, but life comes between them. Find out how such a beautiful beginning ultimately leads to heartbreak before Andie and Max build a true friendship that stands the test of time.

In the exciting conclusion of Andie and Max's story, we revisit them two years after the last time they saw each other in Book One. Max is on the verge of marrying an Academy Award winning actress, and Andie is in the midst of major career transformations. A bombshell moment gives the two of them another chance to be together, but will they take the chance? Or will their past prove to be too complicated and painful for them to make it work? In The Endgame, secrets, both past and present, are revealed as Andie and Max learn the healing and transformative power of love and trust.

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