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Creole Nights Anthology

Creole Nights Anthology

PRE-ORDER NOW for 99 cents!

10 Paranormal Stories that bring the heat.


Ten original sexy tales from ten best-selling authors. When the sun goes down in New Orleans the heat will rise. Take a sensual exploration of those Creole nights with our hosts of humans, witches, vampires, shifters, wolves, sorcerer, ghost, reapers, voodoo priestess, warlocks, demons, priests and angels. Find out who lives, who dies, who loves for once in a lifetime. Read their sides of the story.


Featuring- Falling for the Reaper, by Adrienne D'nelle Ruvalcaba

He had seen death before, but this time is different...


Before she fully knew what was happening, Seraphina found herself cowering before Ivan Vilhelm Brønlund. The scream she had been about to emit was abruptly broken off into a tiny squeak. As Ivan was, attired in full ceremonial garb and standing before the ornate, magical candle-stand, he intimidated her into immediate silence. After almost a full year of servitude, Seraphina had come to beg for freedom, but her courage quickly diminished in the face of the Ivan’s baleful glare.

"You!" the great sorcerer said with a contemptuous frown.

At once, Seraphina prostrated herself before him—face pressed to the cold, marble floor as she begged in a trembling voice, "Please, great master, I fear that I have volunteered too hastily for this duty. I've come to beg your mercy, or to bargain for my release."

"Duty!" he spat, and then followed up with an ugly laugh. "You have misunderstood this undertaking, little reaper. There will be no release forthcoming. You now belong to the Grim Angel. You are his apprentice until such time as the curse is broken, or he releases you."

"Curse?" she asked, keeping her eyes tightly shut.

"The Reaper's Curse to be exact. The only force strong enough to break it is true love, which is a hopeless fantasy in your case, little Sera,” he said in a scathing tone filled with mockery. “Go forth and discharge your duty faithfully, and never seek my counsel again. Otherwise, you will become the embodiment of every mistake you make from this day forth."

"What does that mean?"

"That means, unless you perform your duty without exception, without complaint, and without blunders, you will become the physical quintessence of all fears invoked by death. You will be just like the unsightly apparition you fear so. You will be just like the Grim Angel," Ivan answered.

"But, what if I find love? Will that break this Reaper's Curse?" she asked in desperation. There had to be a way out.

"Yes, but, were I you, I would cease to waste hope on that fantasy. How do you expect to find love as you are? You only communicate with the dead and dying, and any time you spend in the physical realm only increases your risk of exposure, which is strictly forbidden. Believe me; you do not want to know what the Grim Angel does to apprentices who reveal themselves to mortals."

At his dire warning, Seraphina could not resist sneaking a look at him. Ivan was the head of the sorcerers' council and the oldest living descendant of the royal Brønlund bloodline. He stood an imposing six-and-a-half-feet tall, and his striking, platinum hair reflected the room's candlelight. He was a handsome man, but his green eyes glittered with outright disgust and malevolence.

"What does he do to them?" she asked as her eyes met his.

"He condemns them to eternal pain and sadness in the deepest pits of hell. They become the very demons most feared by the living."

With those words, the resurrection candle flickered, and the room was suddenly cold. Everything iced over as the shadow of her true master, the Grim Angel of death, approached her. Seraphina's fourteen-year-old blood ran cold as the shadow engulfed her, violently ripping her through the thin veil of energy that separated one world from the next.

The Grim Angel's gloomy, thunderous voice echoed through her entire being as he said, "You will be punished for this, Seraphina."


Also featuring:

The Beast Within

LaVerne Thompson

From moonrise to moonset the beast will rule.

Warlocks: The Creole Coven

Latrivia Welch USA Today Best-selling Author

Love is the greatest magic of all.

Phoenix Daniels Blood Ties

You can’t run from who you are.

When the Beautiful Awake: Thakathi Awakening

Angela Kay Austin

You can't hide from us.


‪Reana Malori

True love is its own destiny.

The Elixir of Life, Legacy: Origin

S. Campbell Williams

There is never an end, but always a new beginning.

Love Bites

Twyla Turner

Be careful what you wish for.

In Another Time

Sage Young

My love I will find, in another place, in another time.

His to Claim

Stephanie Morris

He's got everything under control and she likes it that way.

Reserve your copy today at the Pre-Order price of 99 CENTS FOR A LIMITED TIME.





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